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Posted February 14, 2019 in Excessive Underarm Sweat

How to Eliminate Excessive Underarm Sweat

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Do you stress out about what to wear and what activities to pursue because you are worried about how much you sweat? Excessive underarm sweat can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable problem to have. Also known as hyperhidrosis, excessive underarm sweat is a fairly common condition. The problem of overactive sweating can be treated with the therapeutic use of substances such as Dysport®, and XEOMIN®. These treatments for hyperhidrosis is efficient and involves little to no downtime. With only a few quick sessions, you can eliminate excessive underarm sweat and spend more time enjoying life.

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Why Neuromodulators Like Dysport® or XEOMIN®?

At Hochstein Medspa, our chosen method for the treatment of excessive underarm sweat involves the use of XEOMIN® or Dysport®. Many people know of neuromodulators for their aesthetic purposes, such as removing fine lines and wrinkles, but anti-wrinkle treatments have many other therapeutic uses. One of the most useful applications includes the correction of excessive sweating. The procedure is quick, less invasive than surgical options, and has few side effects.

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It is recommended that only those that have severe sweating issues utilize injectable treatments. The procedure is for patients who find that antiperspirant is not sufficient to manage their daily hygiene. Most of our patients only need a few treatments to significantly reduce their excessive sweating. It is a huge relief not to have to worry about ruining clothes or having embarrassing sweat patches. Patients often find that they gain a greater sense of confidence and overall comfort after obtaining treatment. With the help of the skilled cosmetic professionals at Hochstein Medspa, you can effectively manage your hyperhidrosis.

How Do You Know If XEOMIN® or Dysport® Are Right For You?

Using Dysport® or XEOMIN® to treat excessive underarm sweat is something that should be considered carefully. The best option is to ask your physician for their professional opinion. You can also schedule a consultation at our office. Hochstein Medspa has helped many happy clients to achieve an improved aesthetic with tailored cosmetic services. Check out what our patients have to say about their results here.

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