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Posted September 23, 2009 in Home

Dr. Leonard M. Hochstein Responds to Accusations

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The last year has been a difficult one for me.  It is always painful when someone you once considered a friend decides that they want to hurt you.  I am referring to a patient who had allowed me to use their image on my website.  A year ago she accused me of taking her images and using them without her knowledge or consent.  I want to clearly state this is not true.  I have never, nor would I ever use a patient’s pictures without getting their permission first and even discussing the pictures being used for their approval.  Recently the New York Post, the Miami Herald, and Fox news has reported on this situation.  I am grateful to them for getting my side of the story out.  My reputation is very important to myself and I cannot begin to tell you how painful it has been to see the attacks on my practice.  I also want to thank my patients for their support.  It means the world to me.

Dr. Leonard M. Hochstein