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Posted September 11, 2013 in Beauty Tips, Injectables

5 Guilt-Free Ways to Treat Yourself

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The average American woman is consumed with energy-draining tasks that she must perform on a daily basis. Juggling a career, spouse, children, and social life day after day leaves her little time to re-charge and focus on herself. Over time, this cycle causes fatigue, ultimately stifling her ever-important productivity. Women often feel guilty about putting their basic needs before the other important things or people in their lives, but statistics show that investing in a little “me time” can be just the thing to supercharge their overall well-being and provide the energy necessary for successful “life maintenance.”

Housewife FacialHere are a 5 guilt-free ways to treat yourself:

1. Sleep

Statistics report that most women get an average of 6 hours and 41 minutes of sleep per night during the workweek, which is 1 hour and 19 minutes less than the recommended 8 hours per night. Caffeine from coffee and energy drinks may help temporarily, but nothing replaces the energy you will get from a full night of rest. If you find that you are too busy to get to bed at a decent hour, evaluate the amount of work and activities you commit to, or spend a few minutes each morning planning how much time you will commit to each task.

2. Get a Massage

Studies have found that even a 15-minute chair massage boosts alertness and stimulates brain-wave activity that is linked to improved attention. Massages also increase serotonin and dopamine in the system, which decreases stress, anxiety, and depression.

3. Eat Healthy

For a busy person, eating healthy is often a challenge. The choice often comes down to what is most convenient, which is often skipping meals or grabbing fast food. For those who go too long without eating, blood sugar sinks and mood swings ensue. Those who opt for greasy fast food often feel sluggish because the body must exert a lot of energy to digest it. Aim for a meal or snack every four hours that contains protein along with a fruit or vegetable to maintain energy throughout the day.

4. Exercise

While exercise may not sound like much of a “treat” to most, it actually releases chemicals in the body that boost your mood and lessen the effects of depression. This is in addition to its positive contributions to your health and physique, which may also improve your mental state.

5. Beautify Yourself

Ever notice how you feel when you wear a new outfit and have a “good hair day”? Feeling confident about the way you look can positively impact the way you work and respond to others. Spend a few extra minutes putting together your outfit or applying makeup each morning. Invest in a pedicure or take advantage of special deals like our “Housewife Facial” to quickly improve wrinkles and frown lines. As you make time in your schedule to spend on yourself, you’ll have more energy and confidence to apply yourself to the other things in life that matter most.