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Posted October 19, 2020 in IV Therapy

4 Reasons to Consider IV Therapy in Miami

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You have probably heard more and more people talk about IV therapy recently. Celebrities, nutritionists, and athletes all have converted to this new health trend. But, can it really be that beneficial? 

Young woman undergoing an IV therapy treatment for wellness at her MedSpa.

The simple answer is yes, IV therapy has a lot to offer.

What Is IV Therapy?

First, we need to define exactly what this treatment is.

Intravenous (IV) therapy is a method of administration that delivers fluids and nutrients directly into the veins. 

Usually, humans get their nutrients from eating food and taking supplements. Still, it can be challenging to get an adequate amount of all the proper vitamins since these nutrients often get broken down before they reach their desired location. IV therapy uses vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and other substances to improve the quality of your health.

So, why opt for IV therapy rather than eating a plate of fruits and vegetables? Here are four reasons why you should consider this treatment.

1. A Faster Solution

If you feel rundown or know that you lack a particular vitamin, it can take time to rectify the situation naturally. The exact amount of time it takes to work will vary for individuals and depends on various factors, but supplement pills typically take two weeks to a couple of months to take effect.

If you are deficient and low in energy now, you need a faster solution.

As IV therapy injects the nutrients right into your bloodstream, the benefits are much faster and more direct than pills.

2. Immediate and Noticeable Results

Because IV therapy is a faster solution, you often notice immediate results. For example, if you are low on iron and feeling lethargic, an IV treatment can leave you feeling more energized in just a few hours!

3. High Concentrations

Additionally, IV therapy offers significantly higher concentrations of useful vitamins and nutrients than vitamins or food. You would have to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to get all of your daily nutrient intakes, which can be challenging, expensive, and difficult to track. On the other hand, digesting a large handful of vitamin pills every day isn’t appealing (or cheap) either.

IV therapy offers a quick and easy solution to get your full dosage of vitamins and minerals at once.

4. Customizable Treatments

Lastly, you can customize the treatment to suit your needs. IV therapy is just as customizable as a trip to the doctor. If you know you are low on specific vitamins, you can request that the IV treatment focuses on that. 

This allows you to treat a vitamin or mineral deficiency quickly and effectively.

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