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Posted August 03, 2021 in Dysport®, Injectables

How Long Do Dysport® Treatments Last?

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Dysport® by Galderma is one of the least invasive and most popular ways to reduce signs of aging in the face. However, unlike a facelift, Dysport® injections last for a limited time. 

It is important to understand these limitations before making a treatment plan to have realistic expectations about what injections can do and how long the effects will last.

Woman's face with the forehead, eyes, and mouth zoomed in to show common locations of facial aging.

When Will I Start Noticing Results After Dysport®?

Some patients see immediate results from Dysport®; others have to wait a while. 

Neurotoxins like Dysport® generally take effect within three to five days, but it is not unusual to not see final results for up to 10 days. It takes some time for the toxin to block off those nerve impulses to the small facial muscles that form wrinkles — so some patience is required.

How Long Will My Dysport® Results Last?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average length of visible effects is between three and four months. Of course, this will vary from individual to individual based on their age, how many Dysport® treatments they have had, and a variety of other factors. Some patients report results that last up to six months; others require touch-up treatments sooner than that. 

A regular user of Dysport® or someone who started using it at an earlier age may see longer-lasting results.

How Can I Extend That Time?

The good news is that anyone can help extend the length of benefits achieved with Dysport® by following a few simple steps post-treatment. 

These include:
  • Wearing sunblock and a broad-brimmed hat to keep the sun off the face.
  • Using a skin moisturizer recommended by your skin care team. Some are specially formulated to be used alongside Dysport® treatments.
  • Not smoking is one of the best things you can do both for general health and the quality of your facial skin. If you smoke and are considering Dysport® or other skin treatments, consider quitting to get optimal and longer-lasting results from your investment.

What About Touch-ups?

When you visit a skin care professional for Dysport® treatments, they will suggest a return consultation for touch-ups. These touch-up injections target areas that might have been missed in the initial treatment or need an extra boost.

Interested in Dysport® in Miami?

Want to learn more about the benefits of Dysport® and making results last longer? 

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