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Helpful information when it comes to understanding Botox

Posted December 17, 2012 in Beauty Tips, Home, Injectables, Women's Health

The goal of using Botox Cosmetic is to create a natural younger you.  Wrinkles, unfortunately, are in everyones furture.  Wrinkles are created by the continuous movement of facial muscles under the skin, causeing a creasing and folding to meet the muscles demands.  Unfortunately when they are left untreated over the years these little fine lines create scars so even when you are not using your facial expressions (muscles) the lines still remain.  One way to counteract this problem is with the use of Botox Cosmetic. Botox stops the muscles from being able to contract hence slowing down the aging process and keeping wrinkles (scars) at bay.  World known plastic surgeon, Dr. Leonard Hochstein has truly mastered the art behind creating a more beautiful and younger you through Botox injections.  The only way to truly prevent a wrinkle from forming is to treat the cause; relaxing the muscle and restricting movement.  By relaxing the specific facial muscle with Botox Injections you are able to provide the skin above with a much-needed vacation.  This “vacation” allows for the skin to smooth back out into its natural more youthful position.   Without Dr. Hochstein’s Botox injections your skin will never be able to acquire this tranquility on its own or with any other facial creams or treatments.   Depending on how deep your wrinkles are will dictate how many sessions/units you will need to see an entirely lifted wrinkle. Sometimes other treatment options are necessary such as fillers (Juvederm, Juvederm Plus, and Radiesse), peels (TCA and Phenol) and/ or plastic surgery.

Dr. Hochstein has an expert hand when it comes to performing Botox injections.  The goal behind using Botox Cosmetic is to create a natural younger you “not a frozen expressionless face”.  This is accomplished by relaxing muscles under the skin to allow your wrinkled areas to settle into a natural/ younger looking wrinkle-free position.  Botox can be utilized in many different areas.  By coming to an expert injector such as Dr. Hochstein you can experience a wide array of Botox Injection uses.

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