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Naturally Blessed

Keep them guessing!

One of the latest developments in breast implant devices is the natural-looking Natrelle® 410 highly cohesive, anatomically shaped, silicone-filled breast implant. It is different from most implants because of its tapered or “teardrop” shape. Also known as the “gummy bear” implant, the Natrelle® 410 follows the curve of a woman’s breast in the most natural way. Family and friends may not even be able to tell you’ve had the procedure done. Say with confidence that you’ve been "Naturally blessed".

As the breast surgeon of choice for thousands of patients, Dr. Hochstein realizes that women may wish to have this more natural breast appearance or they may prefer a rounder, fuller look to their breasts. He offers both the Natrelle® gradually tapered and round breast implants manufactured by Allergan, Inc. at his Miami practice.

Gradually Tapered

The natural, anatomically shaped implant is also known as the “gummy bear” implant because it is more solid than other types of implants while still feeling like a natural breast. This type of implant is less prone to rupture and has a lower risk for capsular contracture. Because these implants are highly cohesive, the risk of rippling is also lower compared to other types of implants. In a survey of potential breast augmentation patients in 2012, twice as many women felt that the Natrelle® 410 felt “more natural” than other leading shaped implants.

Fully Contoured

Some women who desire a more rounded contour to their breasts favor the Natrelle® Round Silicone-Filled Breast Implants. Often breast augmentation with these implants results in more prominent cleavage because the top of the implant is rounded instead of tapered. These implants are a better option for women who also need a breast lift along with an augmentation. Round implants are also recommended for breast revision surgery because they can most easily fit into the pocket that was formed during primary surgery.

Should I go Natural?

Highly recognized as the “The Boob God” in Miami and throughout the nation, Dr. Hochstein has performed literally thousands of breast augmentation procedures using Allergan Natrelle® breast implants. His continued experience with these FDA-approved devices has garnered him the prestigious honor of Black Diamond Status, which is awarded to those who have sold the highest volume of Allergan products. His practice is among only one percent of plastic surgery practices in the nation to receive this honor. With this level of experience and expertise, it is no wonder that countless women trust Dr. Hochstein to provide unparalleled results with their breast enhancement procedures.

Dr. Hochstein believes that every woman deserves to be fully confident with her body, but the ultimate choice is yours.

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