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Tummy Tuck

Significant weight loss, pregnancy, or aging can all cause sagging skin and unwanted protrusion in the abdomen. When the efforts of diet and exercise are not enough to correct these concerns, many men and women consider an abdominoplasty, also called a tummy tuck. Dr. Hochstein performs this cosmetic procedure to restore his patients’ confidence and provide them with a more youthful body contour they desire.

A tummy tuck can correct the following concerns:

  • Sagging skin on the abdomen
  • Excess fat in the abdomen
  • Some or all abdominal stretch marks
  • Separated abdominal muscles

Candidates for a Tummy Tuck

Those who experience the best results with a tummy tuck have mostly excess skin rather than fat on their abdomen. For those who need a certain extent of abdominal fat removal, liposuction can be performed along with a tummy tuck. However, neither abdominoplasty nor liposuction is a weight-loss procedure. Patients should be at or near their ideal weight and should have maintained their weight for at least six months prior to surgery. Patients should note that a tummy tuck can only eliminate the stretch marks located on the skin that will be removed.

Those who will experience the best results with a tummy tuck can relate to the following:

  • Finished having children
  • Within 30 percent of their ideal body weight
  • Weight has been stable for six months
  • Good skin tone and elasticity

Those who do not relate to all the above are not necessarily disqualified from this procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Hochstein will assess your goals as well as your physical anatomy to determine the options that will safely and effectively meet your needs.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

An Abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and takes about two to five hours to perform depending on the amount of correction necessary. A full or extended tummy tuck do involve tightening the abdominal muscles and skin to produce the desired result.

Mini Tummy tuck

A mini tummy tuck is an ideal option for those who have excess fat and skin on the lower abdomen only. A mini tummy tuck involves a smaller incision in the same location as a full tummy tuck. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and has a quicker recovery time than a full tummy tuck.

Full Tummy Tuck

A full tummy tuck will address excess skin in both the upper and lower abdomen. Stretched abdominal muscles from pregnancy or weight gain are tightened, and excess skin is removed. The incision spans the hips just above the pubic region, and the resulting scar can easily be hidden beneath clothing and swimsuits.

Extended Tummy Tuck

An extended tummy tuck contours the entire midsection including the back. The incision is longer than a full tummy tuck incision and can extend completely around the lower torso if significant correction is necessary. This option smoothes the abdomen and eliminates love handles and deep folds of fat on the back to provide an overall more slender core.

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Recovery time for a tummy tuck varies depending on the extent of the procedure and the patient’s ability to heal. Typically, most patients feel comfortable returning to work after about two weeks. Patients should avoid strenuous exercise for six to eight weeks and closely follow all postoperative instructions to maintain the best results, which are generally permanent.

Keeping a Healthy Diet Post Surgery

If you have had surgery, the food you eat can make a great impact on your recovery and on how quickly you heal. Eating the right foods can prevent complications, such as constipation, and provide the necessary building blocks your skin needs to heal quickly.

After surgery, your body goes through a lot to rebuild and recover. In addition to the healing from the actual procedure, it needs to repair tissue and replace fluids. The extra activity that occurs raises your metabolism and may require additional essential calories and nutrients such as proteins and certain vitamins. With that said, Dr. Hochstein has teamed up with DeliverLean to provide healthy meals that are delivered right to your doorstep for patients in the recovery stages of their surgery. To sign up for the meal plans and to receive special pricing for being a patient of Dr. Hochstein, please click the banner below.

If you are interested in enhancing your abdominal contour with a tummy tuck procedure, please schedule your consultation with Dr. Leonard Hochstein today by calling (305) 931-3338 or by filling out our online contact form.


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