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Dr. Hochstein’s Response to an Invalid Patient Review

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Patient’s review:
Unprofessional and disrespectful. My wife went in for a breast augmentation to fix a previous surgery that was pretty bad. She ended up worse than when she went in. She was told the size would work perfect for her body, complete lie. She has a visible dent on her right breast that is so noticeable she can’t wear a normal top. On the follow up, he couldn’t have been more rude, could care less about any questions and solutions to fix the issue. Complete BOTCHED job. When we left, wife crying her eyes out, we ran into about 2 other patients that had similar situations. One was a BOTCHED tummy tuck. If you care about your results and actually someone who does a good job and is respectful, don’t go to this guy. He’s the worst.

Dr. Hochstein’s Response:
Rippling is not related to implant size nor to a technique but rather the amount of breast tissue the individual has and, unlike this husband, pictures do not lie. Here are the pre and post op results. Judge for yourself if the surgery was “botched”.