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Response to Google Review May 25, 2019

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Julie Simmons

3 reviews

5 days ago

I was highly recommended to go here for my breast reduction, and after 3 botched surgeries; which I paid full price for, I was left with more disfigurement than I ever could have imagined. I inquired and complained after my third surgery, to only be told I would have to pay full for a fourth surgery to correct the problem. I ended up going to another surgeon as I couldnt fathom going through a fourth surgery just to have the same   disappointing results. Sad, as I had quite a few girls I know come out extremely happy with him as a surgeon, but for me I felt like I wasted thousands of dollars for all 3 surgeries. This is not a fake review-  as the response is said- as I would happily provide pictures and receipts and emails as proof from the office and quotes for the revisions. I have an email quote with a discount of 25% offered for the fourth revision sent to me on 09/02/2016.  So I have been a patient of dr hochstein for 3 previous surgeries all on my breasts prior to that date.

This is a relatively long-standing patient of mine that never paid full price for surgery.  The first surgery performed was a breast reduction. As you can see from the pictures, nothing is botched. Nipple position, areola symmetry and the breast size are equally symmetric.  The 2nd surgery (also done at a discount) was a breast augmentation.  There was nothing “botched” there with it but the patient had poor scarring which I revised at the 3rd surgery which was performed for free.  The only cost to the patient was the anesthesia. The last picture is after the scar revision.  I do not think this result is “botched” on the contrary, I think the symmetry, fullness and cleavage is excellent. The proposal for the 4th surgery, also proposed at a 25% discount, was simply because the patient wanted to go bigger. I have no way of knowing how the breast look now as weight fluctuation and other factors can influence the outcome but I believe the last post op picture I have demonstrated in the below link that I did everything in surgery to put the patient up for optimal results.