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Dr. Hochstein’s Response to Review by Patient

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Good results but need revision.

So I may have over reacted before but my body to me still isn’t up to the Dr. Hochstein standard. My scar is slanted and I have a bulge on one side. There are certain things that I cannot wear because the bulge/ dog ear shows. It’s hard when you spend all this money to make what was supposed to a safe choice and things don’t look the way you were promised. Even with the issues, I don’t have loose skin and can wear a crop top with confidence. I am still bothered that no one took it seriously until I went and saw another doctor. I think that’s what I was most upset about. I pointed that area out since 3 weeks post op and my concerns weren’t addressed until another doctor told me that I had a dog ear/bulge.

Aside from that. They don’t have long wait times. You will never said more that 5-10hrs to get a response from an email. They answer all your questions and you’re safe there. They said the revision will be free but it just sucks to have to go through more surgery.

Dr. Hochstein’s Response:

This patient does not have dog ears.  This is the typical swelling present after a tummy tuck which everyone experiences and would certainly not resolve after just two months.  We tell the patient about the free revision policy not because we expect that a revision is necessary but rather to reassure them that even in the worst case we always stand behind the work.  If you look at the before pictures you can appreciate a severe diastasis with herniation and distortion of the umbilicus.  All of this was corrected so now there is a beautiful flat stomach with a normal appearance to the umbilicus.