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Hormone Revitalization

Want to improve your sex life?

Sexual health encompasses a combination of mental, physical and emotional factors. If any of these factors are out of balance, sexual dysfunction and deficiency can be a direct result. Poor sexual health is generally the first sign of physical aging while mental and emotional dysfunctions can quickly manifest. Symptoms of sexual health deficiency include low libido, erectile dysfunction, poor stamina, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, or premature ejaculation. These symptoms often strain both the individual and their partner, decreasing overall quality of life, causing stress, and imbalances in the body.

Upon receiving your blood test results, Dr. Rusilko will properly identify hormone imbalances and will create a customized SexMED program for you. These programs work to identify functionality and performance of all three aspects of sexual health and works to correct them with long term results. Dr. Ivan Rusilko’s SexMED approach includes diet modification, hormone replacement, exercise regimens, supplement recommendations, and BHRT. Each regimen is unique to every patient and carefully formulated during in-depth consultations and diagnostic testing.

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