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Dr. Leonard M. Hochstein
Amanda Prueitt
585 N.W. 161 Street
Miami, FL 33169

Dear Dr. Hochstein and Amanda,
I am not sure where to even begin so let me start by saying THANK YOU! A very big thank you from my heart. From the moment I walked into your office a few months ago, I was impressed beyond words.  My first impression was the beauty of your office, next was the way I was greeted by one of the sweet girls at the front desk – with a pleasant and welcoming smile.  My appointment was at 4PM.  I could not believe that after filling out the paperwork (which took about 5 quick minutes) I did not even have time to pick up a magazine as I was called right away to see Dr. Hochstein for my consultation. That is impressive. I’ve never been to a Dr.’s office where I didn’t have to wait for a while. Let me also add that each time thereafter I came in for pre op, surgery and post up, it was the same deal.  I was seen exactly at the time of my appointment. WOW! I then was seated in Dr. Hochstein’s office which was beautiful as well.  Decorated with several plaques and gorgeous pictures of Lisa.  I felt very welcomed.  When Dr. H walked in also with a great smile, I felt very comfortable. He listened to every word I said, and asked all of the right questions. I knew at that moment, this was the place where I was having my surgery.  I felt a trust in him basically at hello. Dr. Hochstein is very personable, warm, friendly and has a great sense of humor.  And knows what he is doing.  After showing me several pictures of his work which I felt I did not even need to see, as I was ready to book my surgery.

After meeting with the Dr., I got the privilege of meeting Amanda Prueitt, the Patient Coordinator/Marketing & PR. Amanda is a beautiful person inside and out.  Again, I was welcomed with her glowing friendly sweet smile.  I felt as if she was a friend of mine for years. She walked me through every step of the way to booking my surgery, what to expect…….my payment options, etc.  And everything that she told me from that day to the day of surgery to my post opt appointment occurred without a glitch. Everything went perfect.  1,000,000% perfect.  Amanda was also always available. Whether By email or a phone call, she responded immediately and addressed every one of my concerns.

I received a call from Dr. Hochstein around 8PM the day of my surgery to check in. How nice!

I was up and about two days after surgery.  My post op was on Thursday, and we were all very pleases with the my augmentation results.  Exactly, exactly exactly what I wanted.  Happier than Happy!

I cannot say enough great things about my experience.  I kind of wish it was last Tuesday again, so I could do it all gain.  This was a terrific experience! I would refer Dr. Hochstein to everyone I know.

I love you all for being so wonderful and helping to make me feel even more beautiful.
Wishing only the very best to you Dr Hochstein, Amanda and the entire staff.

Love always,


Patient Testimonial for Dr. Hochstein and Staff

Dear Dr. Hochstein and Staff,I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for the amazing care I have received at your office from start to finish. I have never felt as happy with myself as I do now. I look in the mirror and absolutely love who I see looking back at me. Thank you for the amazing new me!


Patient Testimonial for Dr. H and Staff

Dear Dr. H and Staff,Thank you so much for everything! Everyone was so nice and helpful. My results are amazing! I am so happy I chose Dr. H as my doctor. You have changed my life.


Patient Testimonial for Dr. Hochstein and Staff

I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. Dr. Leonard Hochstein & his staff are the best – they make you feel completely related and everyone treats you great. I’m so glad that I chose Dr. Hochstein, he does wonderful work. Thanks to all of you!


Canadian Patient Testimonial for Dr. Hochstein and Staff

Dr. H,I live in Canada & was very worried about going to a doctor that was so far away. But after speaking to his wonderful staff that spent the time to go over all of my concerns, I knew Dr. H was the doctor for me! It’s only been one week since my surgery and I’ve only experienced very little to no pain at all Everything looks amazing & I just can’t wait to show my friends back at home my new “editions.”


Breast Augmentation and Lift Patient Testimonial for Dr. Hochstein and Staff

My experience with Dr. Hochstein has been great. My results from my breast augmentation and lift have been phenomenal, he did a wonderful job! For my first plastic surgery procedure, I couldn’t have picked a better Dr. His staff was amazing and very attentive. If I decide to do anything else I would come back to Dr. Hochstein in a heartbeat. I would recommend him to anyone interested in having plastic surgery done.


Breast Revision Testimonial for Dr. Hochstein

Dear Dr. Hochstein,I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work you have done. My prior experience with plastic surgery has been a nightmare. I have had four botched surgeries before I found you. I had almost given up hope. Thanks to you my breast are unbelievably beautiful and I can finally be content with my body.P.S. I will be sending many friends to you.


Breast Augmentation Testimonial for Dr. Hochstein and Staff

Dear Dr. Hochstein and Staff,I’ve been thinking about getting a breast augmentation for a very long time. It took me 3 years to find you. I had to visit quite a number of surgeons before I was convinced I found the right Dr. Not only are you an incredible Dr, but your staff was also amazing. Thanks for everything! I feel fabulous.


Patient Testimonial for Dr. Hochstein and Staff

From the moment I walked in the door I was treated like a friend not a paycheck like other doctors and the staff was extremely helpful and always nice. Overall, the experience and my results surpassed my expectations.


Breast Augmentation and Liposuction Testimonial for Dr. Hochstein and Staff

Dear Dr. Hochstein and Staff,For the last three years, I have been contemplating on having a procedure done and choosing the right doctor. It wasn’t until I met you and your sweet staff that I was encouraged to me to proceed with my surgery. After my procedure, I wouldn’t believe I waited three years to have my breast augmentation and liposuction. Now I can’t believe I feel like I am 18 years old once again!Thank you for a wonderful experience but mostly making me feel that I am a valuable patient.


Breast Revision Testimonial for the Boob God

To the Boob God:Thank you for giving me the best boobies in the entire world! They are absolutely PERFECT! I’ve had them done twice before and I thought I wasn’t meant to have beautiful shaped boobs until you fixed them. You truly are the BOOB GOD.


Rhinoplasty Testimonial for Dr. H and Staff

Dear Dr. H,I just want to thank you for an amazing job. My nose looks so much better. I know it’s only been a week after surgery but I can’t believe the change it has already made in my life. If I ever need anything else, I’ll be back!P.S. you have a wonderful and good looking staff.


It has been one and a half months since I had my Breast Augmentation done with Dr. Hochstein and I am so happy with my results. Both Dr. Hochstein and his staff made me feel so good and most importantly safe. Now I can truly look at myself in the mirror and feel that this is the way I want to look and I feel so very comfortable. I am very pleased with Dr. Hochstein’s beautiful work and the excellent care I received.


I just wanted to say that I think your staff is amazing. Jennifer was very helpful with providing me with everything I needed. I can’t say enough about your nurse! She was so nice to me & my family. I’ll be back for my face lift in 10 years!


I had a full breast lift here at Dr. Hochstein’s office and at first I was a little concerned about the scars but I trusted in Dr. Hochstein and his staff and I can say that I am truly glad that I did. It hasn’t even been 6 months and the incisions are looking great. My clothes look better on and I am very happy with the excellent job Dr. Hochstein did and his staff was so very kind and caring.


I had a fantastic experience with Dr. H. I had no complications following surgery and my results appear to be improving every day. I would highly recommend Dr. H. His staff is professional and highly dedicated to providing excellent service. I felt comfortable throughout the entire process (pre to post op) and am very satisfied with Dr. H’s post-operative care and follow up. Much thanks to Dr. H and his staff!


My experience with the medical and office staff was really good. They guided me through the whole process. They are really friendly, helpful and looked after all my needs



My experience at Dr. Hochstein’s office has been terrific; from initial consultation to post op visits. I have the utmost respect for Dr. H. He always is professional and takes time to listen to any concern I may have.The office staff is always pleasant and attention is paid to the patient’s time. You’ll never have to wait hours to see the doctor. They keep everything running smoothly. In conclusion, I’m very happy with my procedure and would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. H to others.


My entire experience was amazing. Dr. Hochstein is superb booth in his expertise and professionalism. The staff is equally qualified. They are all so professional and friendly and make you feel like a V.I.P. every visit. My surgery went smoothly and recovery was a breeze. I am extremely satisfied with the results and feel great! Dr. Hochstein and his staff can only bring you happiness and increase the beauty you feel both inside and outside. I highly recommend Dr. Hochstein if you are considering plastic surgery.


Dr. H.Thank you for my new appearance, my girlfriend and I LOVE it!


Just wanted to express how happy I am with the results thus far. I had lipo and a tummy tuck and I feel great! I researched doctors in the area and the moment I met Dr. H. & his wonderful customer service oriented staff, I knew then that Dr. H. was the one. I recommend him 100%.


Dr. Lenny Hochstein,Thank you for your patience with me, the time you gave me in the consultation and the beautiful results that you gave me after surgery! I couldn’t be happier.


Having 3 kids in 5 years – working full time as a sales rep – turning 40 – all of these reasons- this was the time for a Breast Augmentation. The dilemma was: how do I find the best Dr?Fortunately, I found a Dr. 90210 right in Florida and that was Dr. Hochstein. Not only did he come up with excellent credentials, he had the experience and trust of very famous patients. In fact, during my consult with Dr. Hochstein, I brought a photo of a very famous model who’s breasts I truly admired. Funny part is that it turns out that her breasts were actually done by Dr. Hochstein in the recent past! What a coincidence that the breast I admired most were done by Dr. Hochstein himself! Thank you Dr. Hochstein, for my excellent results I admire daily.


Getting plastic surgery was a step I thought about for awhile and I would like to truly thank Dr Hochstein and his staff for the wonderful treatment and support. You guys were great and Dr. Hochstein is an amazing plastic surgeon. He took the time to sit and really listen to my expectations and did an awesome job. Thank you very much.


Dear Dr. H.,Thank you for making me look wonderful! You and your staff have been so great throughout this process.


My breast augmentation surgery went smoothly. The staff and doctor reassured me to prior to my surgery. The incisions are barely visible. I am pleased to say that I am very happy with my new breast size and appearance. The staff pleasantly answered all my post surgery concerns. My girlfriend recommended Dr. Hochstein to me since she was very happy with her breast augmentation results too. I am glad I chose Dr. Hochstein and highly recommend him to others.


I had a breast augmentation surgery 3 years ago and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Since day one all the staff at Dr. Hochstein’s office has been extremely attentive and caring, they made me feel at home.  Today, I can say that the surgery has totally changed my life and made me feel more secure of myself.  I LOVED IT!

Before coming to Dr. Hochstein, I visited a few doctors to have my breast augmentation done. Never have I felt more certain, comfortable and satisfied with a Doctor and their staff.  I felt very welcomedand was treated very special.  I am beyond ecstatic with my results.  Dr. Hochstein’s “magic hands” have really changed the way I feel about myself and my self image.  He is an amazing doctor that will exceed anyone’s expectations.  Thank you so much Dr. Hochstein and ALL of your fantastic staff that never fail to make me feel great.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


It has been two months since my breast augmentation and I could not be happier with the results.  Dr. Hochstein and his staff always showed the utmost levels of patience, professionalism, and support through the entire process; from consultation to post-operative care.  Thank you for all that you have done!

In very short words- Dr. Hochstein is AMAZING, HONEST & CERTAINLY THE MOST CARING PROVIDER I HAVE COME ACROSS.  His hands and vision is truly god sent!  I am now 40 and living and feeling what I should have been in my 20s! I’m already thinking of my next surgical procedure!

His staff guided me patiently through my fears!  They are great!  Thank you so much.


Immediately after my BA/BL with Dr. Hochstein I knew what a great choice I have made. If I had an extra set of breast I’d have Dr. Hochstein fix them too!Thank you!

Dr. Hochstein,Thank you so much!  I love my new body.
You are an absolutely amazing doctor!  I really appreciate everything!  Thanks once again.

C. H.

Dr. Hochstein,As your patient I would like to express my appreciation for surgical expertise and your support during the last 5 weeks.  Thank you for all you and your staff have done for me.


Doctor Leonard… What can I say?  You made my dream come true.  I am now a new women, I have confidence, and feel just as beautiful on the outside.

I wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff!!! I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU GUYS.
I am very happy to have chosen you as my doctor, and know you do  your work with love and perfection.
Thank you VERY much.


Dr. Hochstein & Staff,I want to thank you and let you know how lucky I feel for being a patient in your clinic.  I’m so happy and satisfied with the results of my surgery.

Greetings from Hawaii,


I got my implants almost 4 months ago and I must say that Dr. Hochstein change my life, my confidence has increased 1000%.  Thank you Dr. Hochstein and your wonderful team making my life much happier!


Very happy with the results!! Excellent service from the Team!

My name is Mary and thus far I am truly happy with my results.  I am still a little swollen but it has only been 2 weeks after surgery.  The staff at Dr. Hochstein’s office are excellent and they truly understand how nervous a patient feels.  Dr. Hochstein is understanding and answered all my questions regarding my procedure.  Thank you Dr. Hochstein and staff!


I just want to give you thanks for giving me the opportunity of being myself again.I’m glad that I choose a good doctor that makes me feel with confidence again.  I want you to know that in the last 10 years I had 2 major experiences.  One of them is having my twins and the other is making this surgery.

Thank you so much for what you did for me. I am super happy with the results even though I have a couple more weeks to  full recovery.  Thank you thank you thank you!


Thank you!As a women who once worked as a model & actress & competed in the 92’ Miss Florida Pageant, I know and appreciate the importance of beauty.  After having my 2 children 2 years apart “10 years” apart, I never believed I would love the way I looked like I once did.  Thanks Dr. Hochstein I not only feel amazing again only 3 weeks post op, but you have opened a door for me once again to shine! CH-1 is in my near future thanks to you & your amazing talent!

Who knows, I may find myself and compete for the Mrs. Florida Title.  After your detailed transformation of me, no doubt I’d come home with a crown!  No words can express my gratitude to you & your exceptional staff! I just love you all!
This is just the beginning of a beautiful patient/Dr. relationship.  In 44 years, I’ve never saw an office so perfectly staffed.


Best decision I’ve made in a long time!  Boobs are EXACTLY what I wanted, can’t wait until they settle and I can go shopping.  He is the best, trust whatever he tells you!

Thanks to the staff as well!

There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Dr. Hochstein.  He is exceptional, a perfectionist providing only the best results.  I’m so very pleased with my procedures.  They were above and beyond my expectations.  Dr. Hochstein is an artist when it comes to plastic surgery!  Thank you.


I was extremely impressed with Dr. Hochstein’s credentials and patient care.  His office staff is very friendly!  Dr. Hochstein personally called me after the surgery to make sure I was ok.  He spent a lot of time talking to me and my boyfriend ahead of time.  I am entirely pleased with the results.  I highly recommend Dr. Hochstein.Kind Regards,


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