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Category: JUVÉDERM®

Quick Guide to the Medspa’s Facial Fillers Part 2

Posted November 11, 2019

We’re far from the days when people denied “getting work done.”  It’s now common for people from all walks of life to pop into their surgeon’s office and ask what they can do about cosmetic issues.  With the wide variety of non-surgical rejuvenating options growing, it’s now easier and less expensive than ever to seek […]

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Your Guide to JUVÉDERM®

Posted April 05, 2018

Your face is the first feature that others will notice about your appearance. As you age, your skin becomes lax and is not able to bounce back as quickly as it used to. Wrinkles and creases will become more and more apparent, which may cause you to look much older than you are. If your […]

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